The following are a sampling of REAL answers received on exams given by 
the California Department of Transportation's driving school
Q Do you yield when a blind pedestrian is crossing the road? 
A     What for? He can't see my license plate.
Q Who has the right of way when four cars approach a four-way stop at the same 
A     The pick up truck with the gun rack and the bumper sticker saying, "Guns 
don't kill people. I do."
Q What are the important safety tips to remember when backing your car? 
A     Always wear a condom.
Q When driving through fog, what should you use? 
A     Your car.
Q How can you reduce the possibility of having an accident? 
A     Be too shit-faced to find your keys.
Q What problems would you face if you were arrested for drunk driving? 
A     I'd probably lose my buzz a lot faster.
Q What changes would occur in your lifestyle if you could no longer drive 
A     I would be forced to drive unlawfully.
Q What are some points to remember when passing or being passed? 
A     Make eye contact and wave "hello" if he/she is cute.
Q What is the difference between a flashing red traffic light and a flashing 
yellow traffic light?
A     The color.
Q How do you deal with heavy traffic? 
A     Heavy psychedelics.
Q What can you do to help ease a heavy traffic problem? 
A     Carry loaded weapons.
Q Why would it be difficult to be a police officer?
A     It would be tough to be a dickhead all day long.

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