Church of Scientology Legal threats against this web page

Scientology have a well deserved reputation of being a very aggressive organisation, accepting no criticism of their organisation or of their dead creator, L Ron Hubbard. They are legendary on the Internet with their attacks on freedom of speech, with legal action on almost every continent to force critics to take down web sites.

Well, my humble offering is no exception. Scientology in Perth, Western Australia has started legal action to force me to remove this site. When it became obvious that I was not going to do so, they threatened my ISP with legal action, asking him to remove my site. They even went so far as to offer him immunity from the upcoming lawsuit.

This page will be updated as the situation progresses.

The Players.

Jeremy Malcolm

The lawyer for Scientology is a local man called Jeremy Malcolm. JM used to be on the board of an organisation called Electronic Fronters Australia . EFA is "is a non-profit national organisation formed to protect and promote the civil liberties of users and operators of computer based communications systems."

From his position of fighting for freedom of speech, he is now fighting to stifle it. But that's life. I suppose a man has to do what a man feels he has to do. You can visit Jeremy Malcolm's web sites at the following locations.

Carmen Sferco

Carmen is Scientology's PR representative here in Perth. She is a tall skinny blond, and quite pleasant to talk to. She is the one who calls the radio stations when something non-flattering is said about Scientology, or when she is told to peddle some scheme of theirs. Carmen took out a restraining order against a local critic, so scared of him was she. Odd, considering the critic and her hadn't seen each other in almost two years. Well, I guess a clam has to do what a clam has to do. :)

Bradley Woodward

That's me, the author of these web pages. I am a fabulously good looking man, of outstanding character and wit.


This is an unsorted list of documents that I have received so far. Soon, I'll put them in a more ordered way.

The first document received with the demands that Scientology are making (PDF Format)  (Text version)
Scan of the letter sent to my ISP
Part two of the above letter to my ISP
A letter Scientology sent to my ISP, offering him immunity from the upcoming court cases.

Last updated 06 August 2001