From: (Warrior)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions
Date: 3 Nov 1997 17:27:50 -0800

In response to Dave Bird's question regarding what percentage of 
Scientologists were members of other religions, Jana Moreillion 
> I was a public member for 35 years. During that time, I knew one person
> who said that she was a practicing Catholic. She did it at the request
> of the Guardian's Office.In fact, there were (are) NO members of the
> huborg who are also practicing members of any other religion. If one
> insists on retaining a belief in  a religion, he is ordered to a  Remedy
> B, which is to handle his allegiance to ANYTHING other than huborg.

Jana is 100% correct.

The "Index to Remedies" from the L Ron Hubbard book _The Book Of Case Remedies_ gives the "handling" for a "pc" who is involved in "other religions" as "Remedy BG". According to Hubbard, it is used on a "pc who uses psycho-analytic terms, symptoms and explanations continually, or any pc who uses terms and symptoms of another practice, religion or activity."

The solution is to "establish what practice or body of knowledge it was" and to "audit" the person on "'What was (practice) [e.g. Christianity] a solution to?', O/W [overts and withholds] on practitioner, missed withholds from practitioner, unflattened 'process'. Get the problem the pc was trying to solve by going to the analyst (or other practitioner) [such as a Catholic priest]. If problem is occluded, it will finally emerge by getting pc to recall solutions. (A whole psycho-analysis can be 'lock scanned' out in a short time.)"

> Other actions which address the "other Practices" issue are the various
> Green Forms wherein the handlings can be found. 

Again, Jana is 100% correct. A "Green Form" is used on "resistive cases". The reference on this is "C/S Series 13R - VIII Actions". The "Resistive Case rundown is an VIII development TO HANDLE THOSE WHO CANNOT MAKE THE GRADES." [emphasis in original text] In other words, if Scientology's "grades processes" are not taking hold and the "pc" doesn't attest to the "desired EP", a "Green Form" is to be used.

>Confessionals are also used.
> jana


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