The Scandal of Scientology, Paulette Cooper

"This letter was received by a man in the mid-west whose son took $550 worth of courses but only paid for $200 of them. The father was then billed for the balance in a letter saying he had "agreed" to pay the other $350. The father wrote back saying he hadn't "agreed" to any such thing, and reported the Scientologists. On October 13, he received the following threats and accusations from a Scientology Reverend:

"The letter continued with more accusations of guilt on the part of the father, along with praise of Scientology and concluded on this ominous note:

"The letter, written on the Church of Scientology letterhead, was signed "with the utmost sincerity possible" by the Reverend Andrew Bagley, organizational Secretary. There was a short P.S. appended: "Don't reply to this letter. If I want to get in touch with you, I'll be able to find you. Anywhere." P.S. The father paid the bill. P.P.S. His son took approximately $4,500 worth more courses in Scientology, paying for them himself the next time from a $5,000 inheritance."

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