Hubbard's Academic Records 1930-1932

George Washington University, School of Engineering

1st semester 1930-31
English 1 / 2 , Rhetoric C
General Chemistry D
Mechanical Engineering 3/4 B
Analytical Geometry F
Physical Education C
First Year German E
Civil Engineering B
2nd semester 1930-1931
General chemistry D
Mechanical Engineering C
Physical Education A
First Year German F
Differential Calculus F
1st semester 1931-1932
Physics, Dynamics of Sound and SightE
Differential Calculus D
Plane Analytical Geometry D
English, Short Stories B
2nd semester 1931-1932
Integral Calculus D
English, Short Stories B
Physics, Electricity and MagnetismD
Nuclear Physics F

Hubbard withdrew from GWU, never attaining a degree.

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