From: rgonnet <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 18:03:50 +0100
Subject: Re: OT-8 and religious status

Tony Bosnakoudis wrote:

> Where is Scientology NOT recognized as a religion ?

I do not think the french point of view could really be compared to yours in Greece, but here the position could be resumed as this:

- Scientology is not recognized as a religion, neither by the Cult Agency (seated in the french interior Ministery), neither in the "Conseil d'Etat, where the suits of the various branches of the "c"o$ france have been refuted, neither by the french IRS, depending from the Finance's Ministery, neither by any of the french known churches.

The only exception, which has been as soon as known attacked by the french "superior court", was one phrase in the last judgement in appeal during the Lyon Homicide and fraud suit: the sentencing judge added a small phrase saying that scientology could very well act as a religion and disseminate its faith: but this was totally illegal from the judge, who has no competences into those religious matters: only the Minister of Interior has, and, in some rare cases, the States Council.

So, his sentence has been sent as soon to Cassation Court, to be revised. Cassation Courts being very overloaded, I don't know when the sentence will be broken, and the affair sent back to a court (a criminal court like the first one having condemned the accused).


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