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Listen to what L. Ron Hubbard - the founder of the occult Dianetics / Scientology organization - had to say about Islam, Christianity and Judaism. If you want to verify that it is indeed Hubbard's voice, click on this for a Realaudio excerpt from one of the cult sites.

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"What's Wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor", Philidelphia Doctorate Course #24. 9 December 1952.

It's an enormous stone hanging suspended in the middle of a room, this is an incident called the Emanator by the way, and this thing is by the way the source of the Mohammedan Lodestone that they have hanging down there, that, eh, when Mohammed decided to be a good small-town booster in eh Kansas, Middle-East, or something of the sort.
By the way, the only reason he mocked that thing up, is the trade wasn't good in his hometown. That's right. You read the life of Mohammed. And he's got a black one and it sort of hung between the ceiling and the floor, I don't know, maybe they call it the Casbah or something or... Anyway, anyway, that thing is a mockup of the Emanator! The Emanator is bright, not black.

And so, your volunteer, who insists on a sightseeing trip, goes in and this thing is standing in the middle of the room, and it's going 'wong wong wong wong wong' and he says: "Isn't that pretty?". It sure is, and then he says "Mmmgrmrm ponk" Why, I'll tell you, they cart him from there, and they take him in and they do a transposition of beingness.


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"What's Wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor", Philidelphia Doctorate Course #24. 9 December 1952. (slightly more than half way through)

You'll find, by the way, another manifestation is preclears, and his preclears will shift the identities and borrow facsimilies like mad.

There's what they call 'The ChristGame' and that game has been played and played and played and play..., honest to Pete, these cards are just so thin, they've been laid down amongst the coffee cups, and so forth, of the whole universe. You'll find out thousands of years before the year 1 AD, Earth, you will have facsimilies and dolls made up like Christ. Fac One, a million years ago is occasionally rigged with Christ and the devil and an angel. 's a fascinating thing, it's an old game. Here on Earth, there was undoubtably a Christ. One of the reasons he was ... he swept in so suddenly ah, and he, he would go forward so hard, is he had a good assist back of him in terms of an implant.


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Ah, but, it believes only one thing: 'I am fixed in space by an exterior determinism'. Now remember that, that is real important in the subject of exteriorisation. And this Thetan is surrounded entiry by this compelete belief that something else is fixing everything else in space, although he can't find any source of it, so he invents God.


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"Assessment, Memories, Ridges", Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space. 27 October 1953.

Now the MEST universe is all very well but it's all illusion. Well, one doesn't want an illusion, so he can't have an illusion. And when he was very young, why, Christ was all right, he was very friendly, as a matter of fact, and so on. But that's mostly - people, you know, they have to believe in that sort of thing. And they did once, but it requires nothing but faith and, of course, they can't have any faith anymore and they did have hopes on that once in a while, but actually religion doesn't lead anybody any place in the final analysis because you never get your wish anyway so, of course, one can't survive on the basis of spirits and religion, and so forth.

So that leaves just, of course, God. "And, of course, God naturally exists because there is all this space around and this space is obviously surviving so, of course, it's obviously surviving. Of course, the space itself is liable to collapse. But the prime mover unmoved is not liable to collapse because he created all this, and maybe he can't either." And nobody yet has come up with as flat a "can't survive" as "God will never again be able to create another MEST universe." But if we mentioned it, brother, it'd be out on the streets.


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If that is too large a file for you, below are two much smaller excerpts from the same confidential tape. Dennis Erlich was dragged in court by Scientology for allegedly posting an exerpt of the "Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII series of lectures.

In EXHIBIT B of the writ against Erlich one can read in the LIST OF UNPUBLISHED CONFIDENTIAL LITERARY WORKS about this tape:

WORK                                    REG DATE       REG #
CLASS VIII "ASSISTS" TAPE               Sep 7, 1994    TXu 593-514
Without further ado, lets listen to what L. Ron Hubbard had to say on the "Assists" tape.

Everyman is then shown to have been crucified so don't think that it's an accident that this crucifixion, they found out that this applied.

Somebody somewhere on this planet, back about 600 BC, found some pieces of R6, and I don't know how they found it, either by watching madmen or something, but since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity.

The man on the Cross. There was no Christ. But the man on the cross is shown as Everyman. So of course each person seeing a crucified man, has an immediate feeling of sympathy for this man. Therefore you get many PCs who says they are Christ. Now, there's two reasons for that, one is the Roman Empire was prone to crucify people, so a person can have been crucified, but in R6 he is shown as crucified.

("R6" is scientology language for alien mind-implant)

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 Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII series of lectures.

The man on the Cross. There was no Christ. But the man on the cross is shown as Everyman.

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"Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII series of lectures.

The entirety of Roman Catholicism - the devil, all of this sort of thing - that is all part of R6.

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Therapy Section of Technique 80: Part I, Route to Infinity, 21 May 1952

He's told what the eighth dynamic is: "God is everywhere, God is everything, God is in everything, God is outside of everything, and it's in everything, and it watches you, and the watchbirds are watching you, and God is watching you and everybody's keeping his finger on you..." And the first thing you know, the fellow is going to say to himself, "Hm-mm, there's something wrong with this. I wish I had a little privacy." And this is hard on him.

So if he's accepted this -- this concept or this description -- which is perfectly true; I mean, God is everywhere; he isn't watching you, you are it. Anyhow, perfectly true, maybe, to him, that God is everywhere and he'll do something which he knows would be very offensive to what his concept of God is. And ke knew that God was watching him, so therefore this is an overt act against God.

And do you know you can pick that up out of almost anybody that has ever been infected -- I mean, ever studied Christianity.

Now, this is so deeply buried, by the way, that it takes considerable digging sometimes to make your preclear find this one.

The dependency one is easy; everybody knows you depend, depend, depend, depend. But on the other side, that is not as easy to find. When did he do something that was an overt act to God? But it's one you have to solve on the case or you'll never get him up here where he'll play God.

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L. Ron Hubbard speaking at the Clearing Congress Lectures in 1958

... we differ enormously from the Christian statements on the subject ... so therefore the Christian religion can not possibly be true ...

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Men, then ... a whole lot of people will say carelessly 'Well, God is everywhere', remember that this was an idea which was introduced rather lackerly in christian religion. The God of which they speak, of whom they speak continually, eh Yahweh, lord knows how it's produ.. pronounced, because it is so secret, that nobody is really is supposed to be able to pronounce it, so they ommitted all of the vowels in the word, and they spell it only with it's consonants. So lord knows how this word is to be pronounced, but the more agreed upon pronunciation amongst scholars so they can talk about it is Yahweh. And this is the Christian God. But he lives in a trunk with a leopard skin. That's right, that's the full story of it.


Besides being anti-Christian - anti-Islam and anti-democracy , Hubbard was also a rasicst

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Therapy Section of Technique 80: Part I, Route to Infinity, 21 May 1952

Actually, have you ever noticed how a negro, in particular, down south, where they're pretty close to the soil, personifies MEST? The gatepost and the wagon and the whip and anything around there - a hat. They talk to them, you know? 'What'sa mattuh wi' you hat?' They imbue them with personality.


many thanks to Rasta Robert for making the files

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