Well, it took me forever and a day to find the list of front groups composed a long time ago for Coalition of Concerned
Citizens, but . . . I got it, and it needs some updating.

Any new main front groups that are not listed (not just scientologist owned businesses, but fronts
designed to bring in $$ and reach into communities or businesses) please add.

Any of the front groups you know of that are no longer in existance, please mention.

Of course, anything that is an org, a mission or scientology center, says "church of scientology", Dianetics, etc. that
makes it obvious it is Co$, I don't want.

Because WISE's EMC (Effective Management Centers = Business Management
Consulting and/or Training Groups have been a major
threat to businesses and successfully infiltrating, those I do want
listed.)  Also, please give the source of your additions
that can be verified.

Also, writing short but thorough synopsis is not my forte' so any
recommendation about better wording for each of the front
groups listed would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Beverly  (list follows)

A few of the organizations and businesses affiliated with or
fronts for Scientology, or that have been used by them to promote
the goals and objectives of Co$.

ABLE  Inc. - See Association for Better Living and Education

Akademie Fur Management Und Kommunikation - WISE member
business front to spread LRH and scientology in Europe.

APPLIED SCHOLASTICS - Functions as an educational organization
to spread LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) courses and scientology ethics and
beliefs in their schools.  All schools licensed by Applied Scholastics
are scientology schools staffed and directed by scientologists and
under the policies and tech and dictates of Co$.

Runs some of the church's front groups and activities.  Under
ABLE's management, other fronts infiltrate bussiness and organizations
to introduce LRH idea's and methods.  Includes Applied Scholastics,
The Way to Happiness Foundation, Narconon and Criminon.

Athens Gold - 4,500 acre mining property near Reno, taken over by
Michael BAYBAK, a scientologist       Time

AUTHOR SERVICES, INC. - manages scientology's literary and
financial affrairs controlled by the church of sci and influential
scientologists.    NHJ   To sell and promote LRH books, particularly

BANCORP DEVELOPMENT, INC. - Members of the Patrons of
the Association who have donated in excess of $40,000 to the
Assn's. "War Chest"        Impact

Front group for the church headed by sci. Eva Ross .  Writes letters
and articles attacking any persons or groups who expose the truth
abouth sci.           C.C.G. Ministries

BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS - scientology publishing and printing

Business Success Sales and Management Training -  Sci. front that
lures people and businesses in with "management training" and
seminars, and eventually steers them to LRH and sci.   Members in
IAS,  donated to Authors Svcs. Preservation of Tech

CALICCHIO & CO., SPA - Members of the IAS who donated in
excess of $40,000 to "War Chest", Donated in excess of $20,000 to
Author Services Pres. of Tech.

CASA DOLCE CASA - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH
technology in Europe      Prosperity

Celebrity Center Kids on Stage for a Better World - Entertainment
and PR,  "The group exists to spread the word of scientology to the
rest of the world"     Celeb. mag

CCHR - see Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Child Guidance Centers - Set up by scis, runs child dianetics
processing on children and encourages parents who are not already
into scientology to begin with Dianetics etc.   Ch. Dia.

an archivist for Hubbard's works.    NHJ           Also functions as
one of the corporations created to challenge the IRS's ruling against
scio.   Bet Bus Bur    Formed in part from assets stripped from
Church of Scientology of California.   Wollersheim

"citizens" group to abolish the IRS entirely,  uses the "Church of
Spritual Technology" as one of the corporations to challenge the
IRS's ruling against them.

Founded by church of sci in 1969.  Claim: to help people who have
been abused or mistreated by psychology or psychiatry and/or mental
institutions. Intention: to defame, devalue, discredit and destroy
the field of psychology and psychiatry because they had disclaimed
Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard as a schizophrenic.    T  Sci. Tdy.   S
ci. Adv.   disseminates reports discrediting psychiatry and individual
psychiatrists    Bet Bus Bur

CMI CORPORATE MARKETING - IAS members who have donated in excess of
$40,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest" Impact Mag.

COMMUNITY SERVICE GUILD - est in Washington D.C. by sci
to get LRH influence involved in public schools with a tutoring
program.     Freedom  Mag

COMPUTER ETHICS INSTITUTE - (CEI) - Used by the church of sci in
their attempt to gain control over what can and cannot be put
over the Internet.      Freedom

contests and other programs in schools, and try to get students involved in LRH
beliefs.   Hands out Way To Happiness (By LRH) to community groups,
police,prisons and other groups.  Purpose, to promote scio.  and get name recognition for LRH    T    NHJ    Bet. Bus Bur.

COST - See Church of Spiritual Technology

CRIMINON - Like Naroanon  in prisons.

CRY OUT - interfaces with organizations like Greenpeace and
capitalizes on children's environmental concerns, it distributes
comic book like primer on the environment sponsored by Arsenio
Hall and Rick Dees, and making no mention of scientology, to
school children.    Bet Bus Bur.

DISTRIBUTION VIDEO - Member of the Patrons of the Association who
have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's "War Chest". Impact

DRUG FREE MARSHALS PROGRAM - PR program to get a mock up a good name
for Co$ into the community    C mag    Favorable circumstance for photo
and/or press opportunity.  Also makes available the distribution of "The Way to Happiness" booklets to children to promote name and face
recognition with LRH.

EAST HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE AGAINST CRIME - a "Gung Ho" group to spread sci
in the East Hollywood area using community action.       KSW

EDUCATION ALIVE - train and tutor in Hubbard's study tech and
attempt to get various scientology programs into local PTA's and
school systems.  Works in conjunction with Applied Scholastics
and ABLE       Bet. Bus Bur       Applied Scholastics affiliate
delivers LRH tech to S. Africa and other parts of the continent
WIS p. 333   Given grant by S. African Council of Churches to train
teachers in LRH policy to pass on to their students.    Int Sci News

members in a local area that form a group, management training
business,  and operate on their own to expand WISE membership and
deliver Hubbard Management Technology to the local business

ENVIRONMENTAL TASK FORCE (Scientology) - formed by church as a community
group for PR and to get local citizens exposed to sci and LRH policy.
Sci Tdy

Federation of Clubs of Professionals and Business Women - second
deputy chairman speaks in behalf of the valuable work being done
by the Dianetics organizations     Sci. Tdy.

a group formed by scientologists to enter the scientific community to
tout Hubbard's "Purification rundown" also called detox.  To build
credintials and allies in the scientific community, the foundation has
channeled tens of thousands of $$ in grants to educators and researchers
studying toxicological hazards, most unaware of the foundations ties to
scientology.   NHJ

GOLDEN ERA PRODUCTIONS - The organization established to bring LRH
Materials, (taped lectures, technical films, and other audio-visual
products by LRH) to people.     Sci Adv.

HEALTH MED - Clinics set up that promote the "purification" program
& scientology.  NHJ      Solicits unions and public agencies contracts
for its regimens of saunas, exercise and vitamins promoted to purify
the body.    Bet Bus

HOLLANDER CONSTULTANTS INC. - consulting firm that leads to LRH and
scientology courses, part of WISE group.  Donated Over $100,000 to
Author Svcs. Preservation of Tech

HUBBARD COLLEGES OF ADMINISTRATION - a front set up to bring in business
persons for management training and feeds LRH technology leading to
Dianetics and scientology.  According to CoR, now legally required
in state of El Valle, Columbia for school teachers to advance and
also for some government positions.  Spreading widely in Russia to
business and government officials.  Also put LRH tech in University
of Saudi Arabia and several Saudi businesses.

HUBBARD ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN - front to spread LRH technology in the
women's community leading to scientology.    Prosperity

I HELP - International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors -
created to provide auditors who deliver services outside the
organized scio churches and missions to spread scientology  WIS

IAS - See International Association of Scientologists

to bring in businesses to scientology through LRH Mgt. tech.
Got Allstate Ins. Co       Orl sent.

IRONS MARCUS AND VALKO  (formerly Singer Consultants ) - consulting
firm that leads to LRH and scientology courses, part of WISE group.

LEAD THE WAY TO A DRUG FREE USA - campaign led by the Office of Special
Affairs of the church of scientology to get involvement with the
community using anti-drug causes as the button   Sci  Tdy

LIBRARY DONATION SERVICE - Set up as part of the International
Library Campaign in order to place scientology books and materials
into the public libraries around the world.     Source Mag

LEMON TWIST RANCH - Members of the Patrons of the Association who
have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest". Impact

LONDON FINANCIAL (Europe)l - Donated over $50,000 to Author Svcs.
Preservation of Tech

 MERIDIAN CONSULTANTS  - an EMC under WISE control in Westchester
NY, set up as a business and management consulting company to
disseminate LRH tech leading to scientology to the business community.
Have distributed LRH teachings to Prudential Insurance Company and
the Seventh Day Adventist Church who have hired them as management
consultants  Prosperity

MIWA ENVIRONMENTAL  - (Japan) - Member of the Patrons of the Association
who have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's "War Chest" Impact

MOXON & BARTILSON  (Atty's, CA) -  Co$ laawyers

NARCONON - Chain of alcohol and drug rehabs that promote and lead to
LRH and Scientology.   NHJ

(NARPA) = National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy
- an affiliation of the CCHR, founder and president Bill
Johnson        Sci

National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers - Gathers IRS horror
stories     IAS adv

Used by the church in their attempt to gain control over what can
and cannot be put over the Internet.  Freedom

a social reform group tun by the Church of Scientology   Bet Bus Bur

NATURAL HEALTH FOOD ASSOCIATES - Member of the Patrons of the
Association who have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's.
"War Chest"          Impact

OFFICE OF ETHNIC AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS - to have scientology reach
into communities by race. etc.    WIS

technology as a management training business  Prosperity

Progressive Academy Education Society of Alberta - (Canada)
Scientology front group in the field of education in Edmonton,
Canada       ARS 20 Sept 95

Psychiatric Institutes of America Survivors Support Group - They
say they are not affiliated with CCHR or scientology but have
worked with them.       Orl. Sent.

PSYCHIATRY. A PUBLIC WARNING  - A weekly radio show put on by the sci
front group CCHR to slam all psychiatrical practices. Host is Bruce
Wiseman, President of CCHR US and member of  the IAS    CCHR

REALWORLD CORP. - Members of IAS, donated in excess of $40,000 to
"War Chest".  Donated in excess of $50,000 to Author Services
Preservation of Tech.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CRUSADE, THE  - replaced Alliance for the
Preservation of Religious Liberty,   It gathers staff and followers
to demonstrate against whatever organization or court may be
investigating, or sitting in judgements of Scientology.  Through its
periodicals, "Freedom" and "Crusader", it raises public outcry
against the "offending" institution.    Bet Bus Bur

RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER  (RTC) - Holds trademarks for scientology
Also gives rewards of up to $1,000 to people who report any activity
against scientlogy that leads to the apprehension or arrest of said
people. Oversees the keeping of knowledge reports on it's own members
and citizens the church views as "enemies"     KSW News     More or
the "Gestapo" unit of the church.

SILHOUET HOLLAND - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH
technology     Prosperity.

Silhouet  Profile Analysis - (Europe)  WISE member fronting LRH
technoloty      Prosperity

SINGER CONSULTANTS - Member of the Patrons of the Association who have
donated in excess of  $100,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest"   Uses
"management seminars" to put out LRH tech and bring new people into sci

SOCIAL COORDINATION COMMITTEE (S Africa) - a group designed to get
LRH tech into African countries.  Picked up by some Jesuits for use.
Robinson Consultants

STELLAR MANAGEMENT - consulting firm that leads to LRH and scientology
courses, part of WISE group.      Time   Pod Tdy

STERLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - a management and consulting firm that
lures businesses in with "management' seminars, and then steers them to
LRH and scientology courses.  Also called Emery Wilson Corporation,
part of WISE  group.   Member of the Patrons of the Association who
have donated in excess of $100,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest"
Donated over $500,000 to Author Svcs.  Preservation. of Tech.

STOMP = Stop Torture of Mental Patients - and affiliation of the
CCHR founded by Sandra Everett    Sci  Tdy

STRYKER SYSTEMS INC. - Member of IAS, donated in excess of $40,000
to their "War Chest".  Tech Preserver donator to Author Svcs. Pres
of Tech

U-MAN BELGIUM - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH technology

VOLUNTEER MINISTERS ASSOCIATION  - a group of scientology ministers
whose intention is to establish contact with community leaders and
groups to further dissimenate LRH and Co$ influence   CWF

WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION, THE  - IAS Member, donated in excess of
$40,000 to "War Chest".  Function to distribute LRH literature to
publics schools and community organizations.  Get name recognition
for L Ron Hubbard the "humanitarian".

WISE INTERNATIONAL (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises)-
Licenses use of LRH management tech to the WISE group firms, and
sells and distributes LRH and scientology books, with the main
focus on businesses and professionals..  Responsible to get LRH
tech and scientology in the business world.   Member of the Patrons
of the Association who have donated in excess of $100,000 to the
Assn's "War Chest"        Impact Mag

WORLD LITERACY CRUSADE - A "reading program" outreach developed to
get LRH Tech and scientology influence into public schools and
communities.  One of scientology's many famous celebrities who is
successfully advertising for the front group is Musician/Actor Isaac
Hayes.   Great opportunity for PR and political influence.