Christian Resources and Information

This page was set up to provide some local resources for people interested in the Christian Faith.
First and most importantly is the gospel. The gospel is the message of the bible.

The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Thanks to for these gospel pages.



Grace Notes.
A Bible Study/Reference homepage run by W. Doud. These are very good. You can subscribe to a study, and you receive the notes by email, every week or so. I recommend it.


Accounts of how God has changed the life of those who believe.


Christian Resources on the Internet
This site is amazing. It has links to everything you can think of, including lists of ftp and web sites, lists you can subscribe to, and some more which I can't remember.


The WWW Bible Gateway.
Its an online, searchable (is that a word?) bible with several major translations. Cool, eh.


10 Reasons To Believe
Answers to some questions about the Christian Faith.


Gospel Communications Network
An incredibly popular Christian information/resource site. Very colourful, and all that sort of thing. Worth a look.
Campus Crusade for Christ Online
A Canadian group with a very powerful ministry. Josh McDowell and Athletes in Action are involved with this lot, although they do much more than that.


Cult Awareness & Information Centre - Australia
Everything you could ever want to know about religious cults.


Christian Answers Network
Try it and see just what questions they can answer. Then ask some of your own.


Tim Atkinson's home page
This is the homepage of a Church of Christ in Western Australia. Actually, I grew up in this suburb. How many years ago was that??

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