Denisa Berger

I don't know if this will be of help to anyone but here is my testimony.
I was raised in a Catholic family, went to church every Sunday and catholic
When it was time to get married my husband was prostant and that didn't sit
well with me but we married anyway and argued about church.  One day my 
husband said to me I go to the boss.  I don't mess around with no middle 
man such as saints etc. so I got down beside my bed and said  God out of
all the religions in the world please tell me who you are.  Are you Budda?
Are you Conficus?  Are you Mohammed? Are you Jesus?  Who are you??????

Well he didn't answer me right away. About 2 years later I started to read
the Bible and I said God there must be some way you meant this to be read 
because one church says one thing and one the other please show me the way
you mean this to be read. Well I started to read and read and I was 
convicted of my sins in different areas of my life over a 6 month period 
and I was really cleaning up my life. 

Finally I felt the Lord lead my to totally surrender my life to him.  Then
he tested me on this.  We had 3 car accidents in one day (minor ones) and 
my small son was in the hospital and I was concerned he might die. I said 
to God what are you trying to do to me because I am trying to change my 
life then that night I felt moved to phone a pentecostal girl and she told 
me about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit where she was slain in the Spirit 
by her bed and I said God if you want that for me I would like to recieve 
it and about 2 to 4 weeks later.

I went to bed and feel asleep and I felt my spirit leave my body and I went
into the prescese of God.  I also was delivered of evil spirits that night 
as I was into the occult. Since that night I know that Jesus Christ is Lord
to the glory of God the Father and Jesus said that I am the way and the 
truth and the light and no man comes to the Father but by me.  And it has 
been on the heart to go to the highway and byways and hedges and compel them 
to come in.

That was about 20 years ago and we have gone thru many trial and
tribulations but Praise God that greater is he that is in you than he that 
is in the world.

Praise God that my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Blood and 

Yours in Christ
Denisa Berger

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