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The living quarters of SweenyTod, the demon barber of Fleet Street!

And yes, I know this isn't how you spell Sweeny... When I first joined an online club, I forget which one, they would only allow 10 character names, and this was the best I could do, as they wouldn't let in SweeneyTodd.

Direct all complaints about this web page to SweenyTod.  If you're looking for information about the musical Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim, you can try looking here.  There seems to be a fair amount of interest in this character, which is interesting.  I first came across the name while watching The Muppet Show, of all things (an odd place to learn about a cannibalistic serial killer).  The name stuck, and when I first ventured onto IRC way back in about 1995 or 1996, I tried using it.  The nick was too long so I shortened it to SweenyTod, and I've been using that nick ever since.  If you're interested in the gruesome details about Sweeney Todd and the history behind the character, there is a write up at the Crime Library.

This is a busy and disorganised site.  Because of that, I have a search engine on the top of this page, which I recommend you use to find specific information, especially if you're interested in Scientology.


Stuff To Do

There are a few things I'm especially interested in.  Some of the more interesting ones are linked below.

My Wife

Meet My Wife.

Yes, I'm married. On August 7, 2002, at 11:30am, Tricia Mackenzie and myself tied the knot. She is a lovely woman, and I'm very proud to be her husband.


Scientology are a religious organisation, that has attracted a lot of attention and publicity, a fair amount of it quite negative.  They promote themselves as a mental health and self improvement group, and as a religion that allows you to be a member of other churches, but that is disputed by a lot of people, including myself.  Visit my series of pages and see what I and others think about them.

Religious News Online

This is something experimental.  It is a weblog, devoted to religious news from around the world.  I will try and collect as many news stories as I can, and post them here.  You can read the stories, visit the sites the stories came from, and if you like, post comments.  There is even a spot that allows you to send in your own news stories and see them posted, if they are suitable.  Check it out, and see what you think.


I like chess, I really do.  The trouble is that I suck at it.  I used to be good, in another life, but that was many years ago.  Now I hang out on ICC, and watch 13 year olds play better than I ever did in my wildest dreams.  sigh.  I have met some very good friends on ICC, and have developed a great seething hatred for chess computers.


Here are some pictures drawn on my computer by a young girl called Joelle.  She is very good, and was quite excited when I told her how popular they were.  I hope you enjoy them too.



Everything else


Linux is my operating system of choice.  It is a free open sourced operating system, capable of as much as Windows can do, and more.  If you haven't seen or checked it out, you are missing out on so much.


These are an old collection of jokes I picked up off a bulletin board from a company I used to work for.

Australian National Anthem

Here are the words to Australia's national anthem.  During the republican debate some years ago, it was suggested that Waltzing Maltilda be made into our anthem.  I'm not sure a song about a suicidal sheep thief is appropriate as Australia's song, but it must be said - most of us love it more, and know the words!

The version of Waltzing Maltilda online here is the popular version, sung buy most people today. It is not, however, the original version, as penned by Banjo Patterson.  You can read the original song here.  It's quite interesting to see the difference.


I am a bible believing Christian.  That means I have accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour, and believe what the bible tells me about him.

After this, things get vague.  I don't believe the world is 6000 years old, and think Christians lost the evolution vs. creation debate years ago.  God, I believe, doesn't give two hoots about the winner of that debate, and loves us anyway.

This page doesn't preach too much, but does give some of my favourite links on the subject.

What's happening in my world


Click here if you're interested in me and this site.

You'll generally find me lurking around the internet.  I'm on IRC and ICC a fair bit, using the handle SweenyTod.

My PGP public key is available, and you're more than welcome to use it when emailing me.

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